What Happens at Leeds GovJam?

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Marie Cheung (left) and Godmother of GovJam Kathryn Grace (right) inject fun into learning at GovJam in Leeds

Over the 2 days at GovJam, you will follow the design thinking process (more on this come in future blogs!).

This means working together to define a challenge and design solutions.

Overview of how things run at GovJam

Supported by expert speakers (such as Kathryn Grace pictured above) you will be presented with a general theme. From this we will work together to define specific challenges to work on as projects in small groups.

You’ll go out into town to conduct user research and to prototype your solution ideas; you’ll do some desk research and will be supported and inspired to think creatively by a team of mentors.

As you work on the projects, we will get together regularly so you can present your progress to the rest of the group and get peer feedback. You’ll be encouraged to present by showing what you have done, not telling – we want to see how it works, not hear a description of it. (Again, more on this in future blogs). We will also be sharing our work with the world by uploading to the Global GovJam site; see previous submissions here http://www.govjam.org/content/submissions-2018 .

We may also be twinjamming – this means connecting with another GovJam that is happening in another part of the world. This gives you the chance to hear about each others’ projects and take the opportunity to get input and advice from each other.

We will also provide you with lunch and plenty of brews.

We’ll be blogging more over the coming weeks to explain about how we do all these activities over the 2 days of GovJam so keep coming back to find out more!


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