Phew! Another Awesome Jam!

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Volunteer Agz facilitates discussion

Leeds GovJam 2019 has happened, and what a jam! With some 50 participants plus an enthusiastic team of volunteers, ODI was buzzing.

Jammers went through the standard phases of the GovJam experience – complete bewilderment on learning the theme, generation of mountains of post-it note ideas and concepts, problem definition, user research, abandonment of the first idea, refinement, solution ideation, prototyping and show not tell. Wowzer!

Volunteer Si takes a few minutes to help jammers get to grips with prototyping

Twinjamming happened with Blackpool and London GovJams. After a shaky start trying to do this as a big group, we reconsidered options and the idea of having 121 twinjams with a rep from each a group and an expert from each location (Si Wilson from Leeds and Martin Jordan from London) proved a complete success. This approach is definitely some important learning for future twinjams.

When people start making stuff it gets really exciting!

Teams were really engaged and proactive in approaching the volunteers for advice, guidance and to test out their ideas. As a set of volunteers we were really pleased with this and happy to work with the volunteers to help them develop their ideas and prototypes.

Collaboration is at the heart of design and jamming

Collaboration went well, it seemed everyone had an opportunity to get involved.


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